Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supreme Slider

A few quilt shows ago, I bought the Supreme Slider to make quilting easier.  Honestly, I didn't notice any difference, in fact, when I had a thread jam, I had to cut a hole in the slider to get things out.  I was plagued by dragging fabric.  The bulk of the quilt on my lap was what needed sliding, not the fabric under the needle.   I couldn't understand what was dragging on my quilt until I realized it was the edge of the table.  It's sharp, veneerd, and the bulk of the quilt was dragging-pulling the rolled up edge.  So I angled the Super Slider over the table edge and suddenly my quilt slides like a dream.
Maybe Super Slider needs to make table edge glides instead of sewing area glides.
I think I'll be looking for something more permanent, but for now, this works.  See picture.

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