Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recent Sales and Silk

Working With Silk
I now have 54 strips of silk from the designer ties I picked apart (see prior post) but little of it is solid colored, so that means I had to GO SHOPPING!  Please see the pictures of the silk from the ties on the page listed to the right under the Pages heading.

Buying Silk on Sale
Labor day weekend went to Sewing Studio and bought some solid-colored silk on sale (25% off). Got one yard of textured cream/ivory with a squiggle design-tone-on-tone woven in. Very fine lightweight silk. Don't know how it will handle, but it's gorgeous. Also bought a half yard of black. This was not as lightweight as the beige, but still flowing and light as air.

Today went to Bernina store for their anniversary sale (30% off). Bought two yards of textured silk--one wine colored and the other a grayish slubby color. Both are very heavy weight--almost upholstery silk weight.

I am hoping all these different weights of silk work well together when I make the Ginger Jars pattern by Helene Knott which I bought at  I am sure it will go well with the Oriental Fans by Tivoli Quilts.  I especially needed the solids for the wall hanging in Sew Scrappy (see OMQG Basket below) called Boxed In.
Won the basket at OMQG
Oh goodness.  I started the basket raffle last month, and lo and behold I WON it this month.  There were some really nice things in it.  One was the aforementioned copy of Sew Scrappy. Lots of nice quilts but I fell in love with the window-pane effect of Boxed In (link above) which I think will adapt to my silk-tie silk very well.  The second was a full yard of Moda White.  Saved my having to buy it to make the Dogwood Trail Table Runner by Sentimental Studios.  I had everything but the white.  Very fortuitous.  In the basket was also a massive volume: Quilting Line and Color by Yoshiko Jinzenji.  It's very modern and minimalist artsy.  A perfect gift for my neighbor, Love, who is fond of art quilts.  There were also lots of useful notions in the basket.  Now I have to assemble something just as nice as this one.
Amazing coincidence!
When I put out a message for people interested in salvaging silk from designer silk ties, four people expressed an interest.  I'd only met one enough to know who she was at OMQG. The others were people I'd met once at iQuilt in Sanford and we didn't really know each other by name.  While standing in line (forever) at Bernina today, I had a long chat with a couple of women.  I mentioned an article I'd written on adapting the Bernina hoop for easy positioning, and one of the women said she'd like to see the article.  As she gave me her name I suddenly realized--she's one of my Tie-Silk people.  When I said, "I'm the tie-silk lady" she was as excited as I was.  There we'd been chatting for over an hour not realizing we already had an online-email relationship!
Well, now I think I need to go back to work to pay for all this stuff!
Happy Quilting everyone.

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